Last Chance For Freedom

Last Chance for Freedom. Nihilate’s latest assault. The band teamed once again with director/producer Joshua Keith Young and decided to up the game for a new video. Conceived by Josh and the band and with an amazingly versatile location provided by Karver’s Kustoms, the team assembled some amazing friends and rocked the one-day production to pull off an engaging video experience. Enjoy the ride here:


Released in 2015, this burner of a track features Jed Simon (VIMIC, Scar the Martyr, TENET, Strapping Young Lad) on Lead Guitar ripping the second guitar solo.

This track also features an intro created to immerse the listener in the violent scene involving our protagonist. Best enjoyed with headphones. (Credits for samples on Credits pages.)

Face of Aggression

The first track released in 2013 by a reinvented Nihilate. After a fruitless search for a new frontman, the band decided to share vocal duties amongst the strings, including guitarist Cam Kroetsch, changing the vocal dynamic and adding a unique twist on the Nihilate sound. Realizing their in-house aspirations, Face of Aggression is also the first track entirely recorded and produced in house by Wes and the band, setting the precedent for Nihilate moving forward. (Check the link above to download the tune and find track credits.)

This is also the first track for which the band decided to make a music video. Through local recommendations and his awesome previous work, the band chose Joshua Keith Young to helm the production. Josh and his team killed the production in a simple performance set up that yielded amazing results. The work definitely speaks for itself:

Synthetic Order

Nihilate’s first full length offering. This album charts the course of a change in frontman and vocalist and the band’s endeavors to take control of their own production. After the departure of their original vocalist, half the band began learning engineering and production at the Nimbus School of Recording Arts. As fate would have it, a classmate would lead them to their new frontman and vocalist Bryce Krawczyk. Bryce in turn brought in long time friend Grant Nickel to handle the bass. Their addition lit a fire to finish the writing on their first full length album.

The album was recorded in and around class time with help from countless students, guidance from Nimbus founder Garth Richardson and was mixed by instructor Scott Ternan. (Album download and credits can be found at the link above.)

Released in early summer 2011, Synthetic Order spawned a western Canadian tour culminating with an opening slot for Devin Townsend Project at the Commodore Ballroom in the band’s hometown of Vancouver, B.C.


The beginning, sort of. Over the band’s initial evolution, member changes and after an abandoned first album, material for what was planned to be two separate new albums were written. In the fall of 2008, with the help of Tom Peterson and Cory McBain of Cyanotic (Vancouver, B.C.), Nihilate began recording the new tunes. Vocals for six of these songs had been recorded before the sudden departure of their original vocalist. Undeterred, Tom and Nihilate forged ahead and finished what was now the Resistance EP, released in 2010. This EP provides a focused look at the band’s formative years and represents the band’s arrival at their own sound and direction laying the groundwork for the future.