Last Chance for Freedom


Released June 15, 2019
Produced by Wes Kennedy and Nihilate
Recorded and mixed by Wes Kennedy
Drums recorded by Paul Dutil at The Armoury, Vancouver, B.C.
Vocals recorded at Big In Japan Recordings, Vancouver, B.C.
Guitars and Bass recorded at The Stoots, Burnaby, B.C.
Additional engineering by Karver Maxwell
Mastered by Greg Reely
Special thanks to Mark Lawrence and Karver Maxwell.


Produced, directed and edited by Joshua Keith Young
Director of photography Tristan Deegan
Getaway driver/Hair and makeup Michelle Hartford
Picture cars Karver Maxwell
Shop worker Brad Schneider
Production Assistants Stef Verhouston, Alex Steele, Annabelle Coon
Joshua Keith Young
Karver Maxwell
Colin Swanson
Adrian Karat

Grant Nickel
Matthew Frost
Cam Kroetsch
Wes Kennedy


Released July 10, 2015
Produced by Wes Kennedy and Nihilate
2nd guitar solo by Jed Simon
Recorded and mixed by Wes Kennedy
Drums recorded by Paul Dutil at The Armoury, Vancouver, B.C.
Drum tech Flavio Cirillo
Additional engineering by Scott Ternan, Karver Maxwell and Mark Angly
Mastered by Greg Reely

Sample Credits:

Face of Aggression


Released September 24, 2013
Produced by Wes Kennedy and Nihilate
Recorded and mixed by Wes Kennedy
Drums recorded by Paul Dutil at The Armoury, Vancouver, B.C.
Additional engineering by Scott Ternan and Karver Maxwell
Mastered by Greg Reely


Director Of Photography Patt Logan Visual Effects By Brian Hanable Make Up By Kara Alaric and Alicia Mizel Featuring Heidi Gwaii and Jacqueline Mae Directed Edited and Produced by Joshua Keith Young

Synthetic Order

Released August 30, 2011

Nihilate is: Bryce Krawzcyk – Vocals, Matt Frost – Guitars, Backing Vocals, Wes Kennedy – Drums, Grant Nickel – Bass

Rhythm and Lead Guitars also performed by Ryan Lundgren
Bass tracks performed by Rick Struve

All songs written by Nihilate and Ryan Lundgren

Produced by Wes Kennedy and Nihilate

Engineered by Scott Ternan and Wes Kennedy at the Nimbus School of Recording Arts, Vancouver, BC

Mixed by Scott Ternan

Mastered by Joao Carvalho at Joao Carvalho Mastering, Toronto, ON

Additional engineering by Andrea Crossett

Additional gang vocals recorded by Karl Schubach, Regina, SK

Percussion on “Clearance” by Wes Kennedy, Tim Rannard, Nick Heikel and Nick Hobden

Drum tech: Nik Pesut

Assistant Engineers: Cody Taylor, Mark Angly, Andrea Crossett, Rob Sommerfeldt, Nygel Asselin, Mark Lawrence, Andrew Morales, Chloe Anne Lloyd, Jennifer Zall, Ben Johnson, Nick Hobden, Mitch Vachon, Courtney Karg

Gang vocals: Chris Mathis, Nick Oszinski, Paul Dutil, Mark Angly, Jordan Esau, Alex “Condor” Aligizakis, Futcher, Nick Hobden, Justin Nystrom, Matt Taneda, Brendan Thibault, Andy Shanks, Brock Prentice, Travis Atkinson

Artwork and Design by Steve Kwasniewski for The Noise Movement

Band photography by Jessica Glass

Grant thanks: I want to say thanks to every one of my friends and family who made it possible for me to make music everyday of my life, I am forever grateful. Thank you: Dave Nickel, Mike Boss, Derek Novak, Doug McPherson, Rocky and Belinda Nickel, Brittney Brunette, Alana Rempel, Arin Meszaros, Kendall Verhaeghe and Craig Nickel.

Wes thanks: Imelda May for absolute support, this wouldn’t have happened without you, my mom Rae for making it possible, my sister Tania, Garth Richardson for the wisdom, Scott Ternan, Diane Lamb, Kevin Williams, Chris Brandt, Cathleen Lundgren, Mark Gordon, Shawn Cole, Futcher, Condor, Nygel Asselin, Mark Lawrence, Andrew Morales, Tim Rannard, Nick Hobden and all the Nimbus techs for all the patience and help, Jack Russell, Jim McGillveray, Phil MacMillan, Rob Sommerfeldt, Andrea Crossett for the countless hours and for taking the helm so I could sleep, Karver Maxwell for the help and the home stoots, and Chloe Anne Lloyd for the inspiration and laughs. This work is dedicated to the memory of John Duncan Kennedy.

Matt thanks: My wonderful Mom (thank you for all your love and support) Dad (miss you more and more as the years go by) Mike and family, Neil, Jen and family, Nate and family, the best aunt in the world Jane, the strongest girl in the world Lynda, love you, all my friends who support me and put up with my shit, the rest of Nihilate Bryce, Wes and Grant!!!!!!! To the Starcraft!!! You gonna eat that????

Bryce thanks: Keith, Karen, Mason and Spencer Krawzcyk. Sherri Kindrachuk, Happy Kreter, Rob Petley-Jones, Mike Boss, Derek Novak, Brendan Thibault, Andrew Shanks, Dave Fluter, Travis Atkinson, Brian Bolt. Special thanks to Wes, Grant and Matt. Personal dedication to Matt Moquin, I wish you could hear this.

Special thanks to Garth Richardson for the guidance and to all the staff and students at the Nimbus School of Recording Arts for all the support in making this album.


Released March 9, 2010

Recorded and mixed by Tom Peterson
Mastered by Greg Reely